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Ashadi Ekadashi Whatsapp Ststus Sms-Facebook Sms-Text Sms-Sms-Ashadi Ekadashi Quotes-Ashadi Ekadashi Wishes-Ashadi Ekadashi Greetings-Ashadi Ekadashi Screps

Ekadashi is the 11th day of the fortnight after a new moon or a full moon, and is considered auspicious for the worship of Lord Vishnu.Ashadi Ekadashi is observed in Ashada month(June-July).Ashadi Ekadashi is also known as Shayani Ekadashi ,Maha Ekadashi and Pandharpur Yatra.During this festival people share ano another Whatsapp status Sms, Facebook Sms,Text Sms,Picture Sms,Greetings,Wishes,Quotes,Screps and Wallpapers.Here is Ashadi Ekadashi Special Whatsapp Sms,Ashadi Ekadashi Facebook Sms,Text Sms,Sms,Ashadi Ekadashi Quotes,Ashadi Ekadashi Wishes,Ashadi Ekadashi Greetings and Ashadi Ekadashi Screps.You can download it and share your friends,relatives and well wishers.

Ashadi Ekadashi Whatsapp Ststus Sms-Facebook Sms-Text Sms-Sms

May Lord Vithala bless you and your family
On the auspicious occasion of Ashadi Ekadashi and always,
Happy Ashadi Ekadashi....
Happy Maha Ekadashi...

Vitthal vitthal Vitthala,
Hari om Vitthala..
Kone Kone Dithela ...
Vitthal Vitthal Vitthaela..
Mira Bai e Dithela...
Hari om Vitthela..
All of Happy Ashadi Ekadashi...

Tal vaje,Mrudung vaje.
Vaje Haricha Veena
Mauli nighale Pandhar pura,
Mukhane Vittal Vittal bola
Jay Jay Ram Krushna Hari
Happy Aashadi Ekadashi..

Ashadi Ekadashi Marathi Sms

Jai jai vithala panduranga vithala,
pundalika varadha
Panduranga vithala,
jai jai vithala jai hari vithala;
Pundalika varadha sairanga vithala sarva bhai bandhuna
Ashadi ekadashichi hardhik subhechya
Happy Ashadi Ekadashi ..

Bola pundalika var de hari vitthal,
shri dnyandevtukaram,
pandari nath maharaj ki jay..
Vitthal  vitthal Marathi Bandhavana
Ashadi Ekashichya subhecha..
Happy Ashadi Ekadashi...

Vith Mauli tu,
Mauli Jagachi,
Maulit Murti Vitthalachi,
Ashadi Ekashichya subhecha
Happy Ashadi Ekadashi..

Ashadi Ekadashi Quotes

Ashadi Ekadashi is Maha Ekadashi of All Ekadashi.

Vitthal Vitthal Vitthela, Hari Om Vitthela..

Ashadi Ekadashi Wishes

Wishing All of Happy Ashadhi Ekadashi...

Ashadi ekadashichi hardhik subhechya...

Ashadi Ekadashi Greetings

Ashadi Ekadashi Screps

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