Lalbagcha Raja 2017-Making of Lalbagcha Raja Mumbai Idol 2017 for Ganesh Festival- First Look f Lalbagcha Raja 2017

Lalbagcha Raja known as the "king of Lalbag" is popular Ganesh pendents run by Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal,Ganesh Gali in Mumbai.The Ganesha Idol is kept for public display for Eleven days thereafter it is immersed on the auspicious day of Anant Chaturdashi.Lalbagcha Raja is belived to fullfill wishes of all his devotees.Hence Millions of people come daily to visit lalbagcha Raja and take blessing during Ganesh  festival.

Charan Puja or Paul Puja Ceremony Date : 

13th June 2017 (Thursday)

Ganesh Cgaturthi or Lalbagcha Raja 2017 Date : 

25th August 2017 ( Friday)

Ganesh Visharjan or Lalbagcha Raja 2017 Visharjan Date :
Anant Chaturdashi on 5th September 2017 (Tuesday)

Making of Lalbagcha Raja Mumbai Idol 2017 

Charan Puja or Padya Pujan is a ceremony where in the feet of Lalbaugcha Raja is made and a pooja is performed on it as shown in photos below. After this puja, this leg is attaches to the idol made by the work men. Here is some Images of Making of Lalbagcha Raja 2017.

First Look and Mukh Darshan of Lalbagcha Raja 2017

Since last few years, few days prior to the Ganesh Chaturthi day, Mukh Darshan Ceremony (Lalbaugcha Raja’s first look and photoshoot) is organised by Lalbaug Sarvajanik Ganeshostav mandal.

Lalbaugcha Raja 2017 Mukh Darshan Ceremony will take place on 22 or 23 August 2017.


Lalbagcha Raja Mukh Darshan and First Look Video

Lalbagcha Raja 2017 First Look and Mukh Darshan Images and video will updated and replace on 25th August 2017 Ganesh Chaturthi Day, so Visit again my site.Thanks Friends.
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Santoshi Maa Vrat | Every Friday Vrat | Vrat Katha | Vrat Puja | Santoshi Ma Vrat Aarti | Images

Santoshi Maa Vrat- Every Friday Vrat

The purpose of observing weekday fast is to get the favorable results from the nine planets. Hence, the weekday fasts are considered significant. This Vrat is kept on a specific day of a week. Weekday fast are mainly observed to reduce the unfavorable conditions and defects of planets. Also, these fast are observed to please different God and Goddess of different days. Like on Tuesday, Lord Hanuman is worshipped. On Friday Goddess is worshipped for getting happiness and wealth.

Friday fast is done for Lord Shukra (Venus), Goddess Santoshi. Goddess Vaibhav Lakshmi is also worshiped on this day. All these three fasts are observed in different ways.

Santoshi Maa Vratkatha

Once there was an old lady. She had only one son. After the marriage of her son, she used to make her daughter-in-law do all the house work. But, she never gave her proper food. Boy used to see all these things, but could never say anything to his mother. His wife was busy the whole day in work. She used to make cow dung cakes, prepare chapattis, clean the utensils, wash clothes. Doing all these works her day used to get over.

After lot of thinking and planning, the boy said to his mother “Mother, I am going abroad.” Mother liked the thing and gave him permission to go. After this, he went to his wife and said “I am going abroad. Give me a token of yours.” Wife said “I don’t have anything as a sign to give you.” Saying this, she fell in the feet of her husband and started crying. Because of this, a mark of hand mixed in cow dung was made on the shoes of man.

Oppression of the old lady increased after the going of son. Once, her daughter-in-law became very upset and went to the temple. There she saw many women worshiping. She enquired about the fast from those ladies. They said, they were observing the fast of Goddess Santoshi. They also said, by this fast all sorts of sufferings are vanished.

Women told her that, on Friday after completing the routine work, Puja of Santoshi Mata should be done with full faith by taking pure water in a pot with gram and jaggery. Don’t eat any thing with a sour taste nor gift to anyone. Have meal only once.

Hearing the procedure of fast, she started observing it with full patience on every Friday. By the grace of Goddess, a letter came from her husband. After some day, he had sent money as well. She became happy and again observed the fast. She went to the temple and told all the ladies that she received the letter and money from her husband by the blessings of Goddess Santoshi. She said “O mother! When my husband will return back, I will do the Udyapan (Conclusion) of the fast.

Once Goddess Santoshi came in the dream of her husband and asked the reason of his not going back home. Then he replied that all items of Seth(moneylender) were not sold. And, money had also not come up till now. Next day he told everything of the dream to Seth and asked permission to go home. But, the Seth refused. By the grace of Goddess, many buyers came and purchased gold, silver and many other things. The indebted also returned money. Now the moneylender allowed him to go back home.

After going home, he gave lot of money to his mother and wife. Then, wife said to do the Udyapan of the Vrat of Goddess Santoshi. She invited everyone and did all the preparations for Udyapan. A lady living nearby started feeling jealous seeing her happiness. The lady taught her children to ask for sour food item while having meal.

At the time of Udyapan, children started insisting to have sour stuff. Daughter-in-law gave the children some money to make them quiet. Children went to shop and started eating tamarind, brought from that money. Goddess got angry and showed wrath on her. Servants of king caught her husband and stated taking him. Then some one told her, children ate Imli of the money, during Udyapan. She again took the resolution of doing the Udyapan of Vrat.

After taking the resolution when see was coming out of the temple, she saw her husband approaching to her. Husband said that the king is asking for the tax of the money earned. Next Friday, she again did the Udyapan of fast in a systematic manner. Goddess Santoshi was pleased. After nine month, the lady gave birth to a beautiful son. Now the mother, husband and wife, all started living happily by the grace of Goddess Santoshi.

Santoshi Maa Vrat Puja on Friday

➤Collect this things doing a Vrats

1 Kalash (a pot which contains water)
Betel leaves
Camphor for aarti
Incense Sticks
Diyas (an oil lamp usually made from clay, with a cotton wick dipped in ghee or oil)
Photo of Santoshi Maa and a book which contains the story
Coconut for kalash (continue with the same coconut till you complete Pooja)
A wooden stool for placing the idol
Rice mixed with turmeric
Dry whole channa (chickpeas), jiggery (unrefined brown sugar made from palm sap) and green banana for Prasad

Start a Puja

Select the appropriate place for worship and clean it thoroughly.

After taking bath on Friday morning, place the photo in the pooja place, decorate it with flowers and place a small Kalash.

Offer prayers to Lord Ganesh, to have success in business, to remove poverty and destruction of evil, then mother Riddhi Siddhi. Prayer to wealth, gold, silver, pearl, and other gems.

Read the story of Santoshi Maa. Make the listeners say "Santoshi Mata ki Jai" all the time.

Before reading the Santoshi Mata story, fill water in the kalash, and on top of it, keep a small bowl filled with channa and jaggery. At the end of the story, perform Santoshi  Mata Ki Aarti  and sprinkle water in the vessel in every corner of the house.

The remaining water should be poured into the Tulsi plant.

Distribute the Prasad to the listeners.

During the day, ensure not to eat or touch anything which is sour such as Curd and Lemon. This is to be strictly followed. Otherwise, it may lose the benefits of fasts and prayers. Fasting can be observed the entire day or only one time in a day.

This way, you need to do this for 16 weeks on Friday. and   After completing the 16 weeks, you will be required to do Udyapan - that is offering food to kids. Udyapan is the closing ceremony of this ritual. On this day also, you should read the story and perform Aarti, like the Vrat, and then distribute the Prasad. Keep in mind that there should not be any sour item in the house and you should offer food to eight boys. If the children are closely related to your family, do not call from outside. However, if there are only fewer children from close family, you can call children from the Brahmins, relatives or neighbors’ children. You should not give them any sour item or money. They can be given Dakshina, cloth or fruits.
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Chief Guest of India’s 71th Independence Day 2017

In this India national celebration Prime Minister invite chief guests in this celebration annually. New chief guest of new year India Independence day 2017 is update vary soon. Anniversary of each independence is tribute for all freedom fighter who secured our country from "British Raj". Independence day is a day of India. Once again we are going to celebrate proud moment of India. 

All country peoples who want 15 August 2017 Chief Guest Name List, they all are in a right place. We will update this article when final Chief guest name will declared for the 71th Independence Day Celebration of India. All country peoples need to update before 1 week with us for the Independence Day 2017 Chief Guest Name List.
Every Year Prime Minister of India give a terrific speech with some new schemes which will be implemented as soon as possible, these schemes or facilities are directly helpful for a Normal Person who lives in India. This year PM Modi ripple India’s Tricolor Flag from red fort.

The whole celebration of this day is start and end with cultural programs of India. On this celebration you see every kind of India culture. In India people celebrate festivals, Occasions, Events according to religion but Independence day is a most proud event which observed by any culture( Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai). The day was come after huge sacrifices that is know every Indian. Indians pride on country and their freedom life and celebrate this moment in prideful way. 
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Bhavya Hindola Utsav in Vadtal Golden Swaminarayan temple

Bhavya Hindola Utsav(Swing Festival) is one type of Bhakti.Every year, during the monsoon months of Ashadh and Shravan (July - August) the mandirs in India and abroad are awash with devotion. The arrival of the Hindola Utsav during these months usher a new breeze of bhakti and festivity in the temples of India. For one whole month, the chal (mobile) murti of the Lord is placed in a hindola and pulled to and fro with a string. The sadhus and devotees sing the hindola bhajans with the accompaniment of the mrudang and cymbals. The mandir ambience is charged with the sound and fragrance of bhakti.


Shri Swaminarayan Temple Vadtaldham celebrated  every year during Ashad and Shravan month Hindola Utsav.waminarayan's  idol of the Lord is placed in a magnificently decorated Hindola and devotees will swing the Lord gently and sing special Hindola bhajans with pure love and devotion.

Hindola Utsav Date of Year 2017

Hindola Utsav Start Date :  16 July 2017
Hindola Utsav Ends Date : 15 August 2017
Arrange by : Vadtal Temple Managing Trasti Board by Mani Kothari Shri Ghanshyam Prakashdasji Swami
Venue :Shri Swaminarayan Temple Vadtal

Bhavya Hindola Utsav Hindola Darshan Video

Bhavya Hindola Utsav Hindola Darshan Images

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Rakshabandhan or Rakhi Festival date ,timing,Rakhi Muhurt of Year 2017

The festival of Rakshabandhan falls on the full moon day of the month of shravan.It is celebrated as a symbol of love between a brother and a sister.On the day of Rakshabandhan , a sister ties rakhi on the wrist of her brother.She prays for his well-being.The brother promises to protect his sister.He also gives a gift to her.This festival unites people of all castes and religions.It is said that Queen Karnavati of Chittor sent a rakhi to the Mugal king Humayun, on receiving the rakhi, marched with his army to protect Chittor. Rakshabandhan is also celebrated as Nariyeli Poornima.Fishermen worship the sea on that day.They pray to the God of the seas.They sing and dance the whole evening.Here is information about Rakshabandhan or Rakhi Festival date ,timing,Rakhi Muhurt of Year 2017 .

Rakshabandhan or Rakhi Festival date ,timing,Rakhi Muhurt of Year 2017

Rakshabandhan Festival date of Year 2017 : 7th August 2017, Monday

Raksha Bandhan Thread Ceremony Time - 11:04 to 21:13
Duration -  10 Hours 9 Mins

Aparahan Time Raksha Bandhan Muhurat -  13:50 to 16:25
Duration -  2 Hours 35 Mins

Pradosh Time Raksha Bandhan Muhurat -  19:01 to 21:13
Duration -  2 Hours 12 Mins

Bhadra Punchha - 06:40 to 07:55
Bhadra Mukha - 07:55 to 10:01
Bhadra End Time - 11:04
Purnima Tithi Begins -  22:28 on 6th August 2017
Purnima Tithi Ends - 23:40 on 7th August  2017

Rakshabandhan Festival Date of  Year 2018 : 26th august 2018 Sunday

Rakshabandhan Images

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Shri Krishna Janmashtami and Dahi Handi Date,time,Puja Muhurt and Parna timeof Year 2017

Janmashtami is a popular religious festival of the Hindus.It is a festival to mark the birth of Lord Krishna.Lord Krishna was born at midnight on the eighth day in the dark half of the month of Shravan.Janmashtami is  celebrated with joy all over India.The temples of Lord Krishna are decorated with flowers and colorful lights.There are special programmes of bhajans in the temples.The temples of Lord Krishna at Dwarka and Mathura are known for their grand celebrations.At twelve o'clock midnight, devotees go to the temples to take darshan of the birth of  Lord krishna.The cradle is beautifully decorated with flowers.Some people fast on this day.The following day is celebrated as " NAND MAHOTSAAV". The temples are filled with " Nand gher anand bhayo, Jai Kanaiyalal ki".   Here is information about Shri Krishna Janmashtami Date,time,Puja Muhurt of  Year 2017.

Shri Krishna Janmashtami and Dahi Handi Date,time,Puja Muhurt of  Year 2017

Shri Krishna Janmashtami Date of Year 2017:  14th August 2017 Monday

Nishita Puja Time  -  24:09+ to 24:53+
Duration -  0 Hours 44 Mins
Mid Night Moment -  24:31+
On 15th, Parana Time  - After 17:39
On Parana Day Ashtami Tithi End Time -  17:39
Janmashtami without Rohini Nakshatra

Vaishnava Krishna Janmashtami falls on 15th August 2017
For Vaishnava Janmashtami Next Day Parana Time - 06:07 (After Sunrise)
On Parana Day Ashtami got over before Sunrise
Janmashtami without Rohini Nakshatra

Dahi Handi on 15th, August

Ashtami Tithi Begins - 19:45 on 14th August 2017
Ashtami Tithi Ends - 17:39 on 15th August 2017
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Dakshinayana Sankranti or Karka Sankranti Date,Pooja timing and Shubh Muhurt of Year 2017 to 2025

Dakshinayana generally lasts for six months starting June 21st and lasts till the month of January. It ends during Makar Sankranti when the Uttarayana phase begins.Dakshinayana is considered as the nighttime of god. It is believed that god go to sleep during Dakshinayana.  As per astrology, the sun enters Karka Rashi on this day. Hence it is known as Karkataka Sankranti.Here is Dakshinayana Sankranti Date,Pooja timing and Shubh Muhurt of Year 2017 to 2025.

Dakshinayana Sankranti Date,Pooja timing and Shubh Muhurt of Year 2017

➤Dakshinayana Sankranti Date of Year 2017 : 16th July 2017 (Sunday)
Punya Kaal Muhurta - 05:54 to 16:37
Duration - 10 Hours 43 Mins
Sankranti Moment - 16:37
Mahapunya Kaal Muhurta - 16:13 to 16:37
Duration - 0 Hours 24 Mins

➤Dakshinayana Sankranti Date of Year 2018 : 16th July 2018 (Monday)
Punya Kaal Muhurta - 12:32 to 19:11
Duration - 6 Hours 38 Mins
Sankranti Moment - 22:42
Mahapunya Kaal Muhurta - 16:58 to 19:11
Duration - 2 Hours 12 Mins

➤Dakshinayana Sankranti Date of Year 2018 : 16th July 2019 (Tuesday)
Punya Kaal Muhurta - 12:32 to 19:11
Duration - 6 Hours 38 Mins
Sankranti Moment - 04:49 on 17th, July
Mahapunya Kaal Muhurta - 16:58 to 19:11
Duration - 2 Hours 12 Mins 

➤Dakshinayana Sankranti Date of Year 2018 : 16th July 2020 (Thursday)
Punya Kaal Muhurta - 05:54 to 11:03
Duration - 5 Hours 8 Mins
Sankranti Moment - 11:03
Mahapunya Kaal Muhurta - 10:39 to 11:03
Duration - 0 Hours 24 Mins

➤Dakshinayana Sankranti Date of Year 2018 : 16th July 2021 (Friday)
Punya Kaal Muhurta - 05:54 to 17:08
Duration - 11 Hours 14 Mins
Sankranti Moment -17:08
Mahapunya Kaal Muhurta - 16:44 to 17:08
Duration - 0 Hours 24 Mins
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World Population Day Whats app Sms, Facebook Sms,Quotes,Slogans,Wishes,Greetings,Gif Pictures

World Population Day is an annual event, observed on July 11 every year, which seeks to raise awareness of global population issues. The event was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989. It was inspired by the public interest in Five Billion Day on July 11, 1987-approximately the date on which the world’s population reached five billion people. Here is World Population Day Whats app Sms, Facebook Sms ,Quotes ,Slogans ,Wishes ,Greetings,Gif Pictures

World Population Day Whats app Sms,  Facebook Sms

World Population Day is a time
To get aware and understand
Let’s bring about a positive change
And respect our sun and sand
Happy World Population Day
On this World Population Day
Lets pledge for a better tomorrow
Lets wipe out poverty, 
illiteracy and over population
Bring on the smiles, forget the sorrow
Happy World Population Day.

Fight poverty, eradicate illetracy
Make this world a beautiful place
Stay aware, make a difference
Then God shall shower his grace
Happy World Population Day

World Population Day Quotes,Slogans,Wishes

You cannot control your own population by force, but it can be distracted by consumption”. – Noam Chomsky

A finite world can support only a finite population; therefore, population growth must eventually equal zero”. – Garrett Hardin

Population, when unchecked, goes on doubling itself every 25 years or increases in a geometrical ratio”. – Thomas Malthus

When the family is small, whatever little they have they are able to share. There is peace”. – Philip Njuguna

With a growing population, there is a growing need for more water delivery and storage. – Joe Baca

World Population Day Greetings

World Population Day Gif Pictures

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World Population Day Themes of Year 1996 till 2017

In 1989, the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme recommended that 11 July be observed by the international community as World Population Day, a day to focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues. Every year World Population day is celebrated 11th July in all over the world.Here is World Population Day Themes of  Year 1996 till 2017.

World Population Day Themes of  Year 1996 till 2017
  • World Population Day 2017 theme will Family Planning: Empowering People, Developing Nations‘.
  • World Population Day 2016 theme was 'Investing in teenage girls'.
  • The theme of 2015 was “Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies”.
  • The theme of 2014 was “A time to reflect on population trends and related issues” and “Investing in Young People”.
  • The theme of 2013 was “Focus is on Adolescent Pregnancy”.
  • The theme of 2012 was “Universal Access to Reproductive Health Services”.
  • The theme of 2011 was “7 Billion Actions”.
  • The theme of 2010 was “Be Counted: Say What You Need”.
  • The theme of 2009 was “Fight Poverty: Educate Girls”.
  • The theme of 2008 was “Plan Your Family, Plan Your Future”.
  • The theme of 2007 was “Men at Work”
  • The theme of 2006 was “Being Young is Tough”.
  • The theme of 2005 was “Equality Empowers”.
  • The theme of 2004 was “ICPD at 10”.
  • The theme of 2003 was “1,000,000,000 adolescents”.
  • The theme of 2002 was “Poverty, Population and Development”.
  • The theme of 2001 was “Population, Environment and Development”.
  • The theme of 2000 was “Saving Women’s Lives”.
  • The theme of 1999 was “Start the Count-up to the Day of Six Billion”.
  • The theme of 1998 was “Approaching the Six Billion”.
  • The theme of 1997 was “Adolescent Reproductive Health Care”.
  • The theme of 1996 was “Reproductive Health and AIDS”.
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World Population Day, World Population Day Date, History ,Facts and Quotes,Population Facts

World Population Day Date

The World Population Day 2017 and every year will be celebrated on July 11 with the theme ‘Family Planning: Empowering People, Developing Nations‘. This year, the theme of World Population Day aims at providing safe, voluntary family planning to the people around the world and in a way, help in curbing the population growth. While the world population, today, stands over 7 Billion. While India stands at number two with nearly 1,129,866,154 in the list of most populous countries, China remains at rank one with a population of nearly 1,321,851,888.

World Population Day History

In 1987 there was an event called “Five Billion Day”, which recognized when the human population boiled over the 5 billion mark. Since then the United Nations Development Programme has been working to anticipate, support, and offset the needs of a rapidly growing population. The population had been deemed to be growing out of control, and an awareness was being spread about the need for family planning, ways to offset poverty, and the ability to ensure that proper maternal health was observed.


The existing strain of supporting our present population is already causing grievous crimes in the areas of human rights and gender equality. As more people come into an a world that’s already doing a poor job of taking care of its citizens, there are more and more of them coming vulnerable to human rights violations such as human trafficking and child labor. World Population Day reminds us that we are part of an ever growing world, and that to ensure there’s a great future ahead for any of us, there has to be a great future for all of us.  
World Population Day Facts and Quotes

The theme for World Population Day in 2015 was Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies. The UN's 2015 vulnerable populations include displaced refugees and women/girls.

China and India are by far the most populous countries on the globe. With 1.4 and 1.3 billion inhabitants, respectively, both countries are home to about 37% of the world's people.

The annual growth rate of the world's population peaked at 2.1% in 1962 and since been decreasing. It is estimated that by the year 2100, the population will slow to 0.06% annual growth.

According to the United Nations, India is expected to become the world's largest country by 2028 with 1.45 billion inhabitants.

"We are in a bottle of overpopulation and wasteful consumption that could push half of Earth's species to extinction in this century". E.O. Wilson, naturalist and biologist.

Population Facts

60% of the world’s population resides in Asia.
17% of the world’s population resides in India.
20% of the world’s population resides in the People's Republic of China.
12 % of the world’s population resides in Africa.
11% of the world's population resides in Europe.
8% of the world’s population resides in North America.
5.3% of the world’s population resides in South America

World Population Day Pictures

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Guru Purnima Celebration-Guru Purnima Celebration Images

Today Ashadha Purnima known as Guru Purnima and Vyas Purnima.According to the Hindi calendar, it falls in the month of Aashad. The day holds importance since it sees people across India thank their 'gurus' or teachers. Hindus dedicate Guru Purnima to Maharshi Veda Vyasa, the sage who is believed to be responsible for editing the sacred Hindu text, the Vedas and writing the 18 Puranas, Mahabharata and the Srimad Bhagavatam--all of which form the very foundation of the Hindu religion.
Today We are going to Jitodiya village near Anand to doing Darshan of our Guru Shri Vijendra Puriji Maharaj.Vijendra Puriji's Guru is Shri Hari Puri Maharaj.After Haripuri Maharaj's death became a Guru Shri Vijendra Puri Maharaj.Vijendra Puri Maharaj believed in Sanatan Dharma and Jagad Guru Adi Shankaracharya.Many people come Jitodiya doing a darshan of Shri Vijendra Puriji Maharaj today Guru Purnima Day.In the early morning a large procession of Shri Guru Vijendra Puriji Maharaj in all over village.After Guru Puja ceremony devotes take blessing of Guru Hari shri Vijendrapuriji Maharaj.lastly we return at home eat Prasam.Jay ho Guru...Happy Guru Purnima all of.

Guru Purnima Celebration Images

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Ram Tirath Fair (Mela) in Ram Tirath temple in Amritsar Punjab India

Date of Ramteerth Mela

Ramteerth Mela will Celebrated in month of November Every tear in Punjab,and mostly Celebrated in Amritsir large Celebration in Ram Tirath Temple.

About Ramteerth Mela

The Ramteerth Mela is celebrated in Kaler Purnima in Amritsar, Punjab. This mela is celebrated in the months of November and is spread over for a period of almost 4 days.This mela is both religious and secular in nature. It provides secular entertainment in the form of shops, rides and cultural events and it is religious, as its history suggests. This mela is a complete entertainment package for anyone who decides to drop by. Apart from the cattle trading that goes on there are various small shops selling food stuff, sweet delicacies of the state, handicrafts and many other curios.

Ram Tirath fair in the Ram Tirath temple complex in Amritsar is the most important schedule of the year in this place. As far as records indicate, more or less one million pilgrims visit the Ram Tirath fair every year. In this place you will also find a large congregation of jatadhari hermits in their meditations. Even the Sikh people also come in numbers from different corners of Punjab and even from outside the state to pay their homage to Sri Ram Chandra in this fair. A myth goes about this fair that taking a dip in the water body known as Mata Sita di Baoli will enable them to give birth to children if they haven't have any. 

Apart from the usual stuff, there are a whole lot of other activities that take place at the mela. Music performances, Dance programs and many other artistic performances are displayed by the artists who come from across the country. You will also find a large number of stalls and shops which are temporarily erected selling utensils, pottery, handicrafts, garments etc. The entrance to the mela is very cheap and hence allows the common man to come and enjoy the mela and its spirit along with their loved ones. 


People go from all over Amritsar, Punjab and thoroughly enjoy this mela. This mela is for all ages and for all types of people. The mela offers something for everybody. It is very popular amongst the general people and all they wait anxiously for this day.The Ramteerth Mela is a very vibrant atmosphere to be in and that is what the people want, to keep them going.

About Ram Tirath temple in Amritsar

Ram Tirath Mandir Amritsar about fifteen days after the Diwali. This Ram Tirath Mela in Amritsar is continued over a duration of five days. Here is an ancient tank which is mythically believed to be dug by Shri Hanuman Ji. This particular water body is given a great deal of mythical and religious importance. A wide number of temples have been set up around the three kilometer circumference of this pond and there is also a paved path for parikrama or circumambulation around the tank because circumambulation is seen as a sacred ritual to show honour by the Hindus. The pilgrims also fervently believe that it is quite good and auspicious for them to take a dip into the sacred waters of the tank in the early hours of the full moon night, which is called Puranmashi in the local language (Sanskrit Pournamashi, known as Purnima in the eastern India and Pournami in the south). During or after the bath, the devotees chant different mantras and hail the glory of Sri Ram by repeatedly taking his name.

How to Reach Ram Tirth Mela Amritsar

By Air : The Raja Sansi International Airport in Amritsar which is nowadays called Shri Guru Ram Das Ji Airport also has excellent flight connections to major cities of India like Mumbai and Chennai.

By Rail :  The Nearest Railway station is Amritsar Railway station.

By Bus or Road :Special buses are regularly plied by the Punjab Roadways between Amritsar and Ram Tirath during the festival. Also, Ram Tirath is only 11 kilometres from the city of Amritsar and you can just rent a taxi from Amritsar. Reaching Amritsar is no problem from any part of India since it is one of the major cities in Punjab and has excellent rail and road transport connections with almost all parts of the country.
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Champakulam Boat Race Festival in Kerala India

Champakulam Boat Race Festival, which is one of the most-awaited events in the calendar of Kerala, has an origin which dates back to centuries in time. This spectacular snake boat race is held on the River Pampa on the day of the 'moolam', which is followed in accordance to the Malayalam month of Midhunam. The day is considered to be especially sacred as it is the day when the Deity at the Ambalappuzha Sree Krishna Temple was installed.

Festival Name : Champakulam Boat Race
Venue: Champakkulam
Location: Champakulam
District: Alappuzha
Festival Duration : 1 Day
Main Attraction :The oldest snake boat race ever known with extremely long country boats is the main attraction.
How to reach by Air : The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport, about 78 km .
How to reach by Rail : The nearest railway station is Thrissur raulway station about 25 km.
How to reach by Road :There are many public and private vehicals to reach here.

More Information about Champakulam Boat Race Festival

Champakulam Boat Race Alappuzha is one of the oldest sports festivals held on the river Pamba. History supports that this heritage boat festival had started from middle of 16th Century. Now this has become a yearly event and is held on the month of June in the daytime. According to record the event was initiated in the year 1545. Till date this Champakulam Boat at Alappuzha starts the beginning of the boat race season in Kerala. As a leading event as well as for its grandeur, the boat is extremely famous and pulls thousands of tourists for watching the race live.

Originally, the boat race was called Champakkulam Moolam Vallam Kali. Presently, the race is organized on the Malayalam month midhunam on moolam day. Presently the race is organized by Champakulam boat race society headed by district collector. Different categories of boats are used for taking part in this boat race. Some of the most known boat categories are chundan (snake boat), veppu, iruttu kuthi, churulan. Among all these categories, chundan (snake boat) are found most decorated and grab spectators’ attention.
History of  Champakulam Boat Race Festival
As per legend, Maharaja Devanarayana of Chempakasseri constructed a temple at Ambalappuzha as instructed by the royal priest. However just before the deity installation he was informed that the deity wasn't auspicious. The king was troubled, but his minister suggested a solution to bring down the beautiful idol of Sree Krishna from the Karikulam temple in Kurichi. The minister along with few others went to Kurichi and returned with the idol. While returning they stopped at Champakulam to spent the night and carry out a puja. Next morning from the entire region, boats gather to accompany the idol in a colorful ceremonial procession to the Temple.
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On Ashadhi Ekadashi in Pandharpur-Lakhs of devotees gathered in Pandharpur-Live Telecast Pandharpur Yatra

Today Ashadhi Ekadashi.Ashadhi Ekadashi known as Dev shayani Ekadashi.Today all over big temple celebrate Ekadashi Mahotsav.Among one Lord Vitthal Temple in Pandharpur grand celebration on Ekadashi day.Pandharpur is located in Solapur district of western Maharashtra state of India.

Lakhs of devotees gathered at Lord Vitthal Temple Pandharpur, on the occasion of 'Ashadhi Ekadashi'. Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and his wife Amruta performed a 'maha-puja' (grand prayer) at the Lord Vitthal temple in Pandharpur early today.

“Feeling blessed and positive,” Fadnavis said, after the early morning ritual.

Ekadashi marks the culmination of pilgrimage, called ‘waari’, that devotees undertake from across the state on foot to reach the temple town.

In Mumbai, large crowds gathered at the Vitthal temple in Wadala to perform ‘puja’ on the auspicious occasion.

Live Telecast Pandharpur Yatra

Many Television Channels is telecasting Pandharpur Ashadhi Ekadahi Puja live from thr early morning 4 AM till evening.You can also watch live online through Bhakti TV,Star Maaza,TV9 Mumbai,Zee Marathi and DD Sahyadri channels is brodcast live clelebration from Pandharpur Vitthal Temple.

Watch Pandharpur Ashadhi Ekadashi Celebration Live- Zee 24 Taas Live Streaming

Watch Pandharpur Ashadhi Ekadashi Celebration Live-ABP Majha Live Streaming

Watch Pandharpur Ashadhi Ekadashi Celebration Live-TV 9 Marathi Live Streaming

Ashadhi Ekadashi Pandharpur Celebration Pictures 

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Guru Purnima Year 2017 ,2018 Date and Guru Pujan timing, Shubh Muhurt

Guru Purnima known as Ashada Purnima.This day Ved Vyas birthday so it known as Vyas Purnima.Guru Purnima is observed on the full moon day during Ashadha month as per the Hindu Lunar Calendar.n this day, people worship their Guru by offering garlands, fruits, dakshina, etc.Guru Purnima is dedicated to the great teachers and mentors who build up our future. Guru or a teacher is someone who acts like a guide in our lives directing us to the right path for our betterment.Here is information about Guru Purnima 2017  and 2018 Date ,Puja timing.

Guru Purnima Year 2017 Date and Puja timing

Guru Purnima Date of Year 2017 : 9th July 2017 Sunday
Purnima Tithi Begins  :  07:31 on 8th July 2017
Purnima Tithi Ends :  09:36 on 9th July 2017

Guru Pujan Time , Shubh Muhurt 9th July 2017 Sunday

6:13 AM to 12:55 PM (IST)
2:31PM  to 4:10 PM (IST)

Guru Purnima Year 2018 Date and Puja timing

Guru Purnima Date of Year 2018 : 27th July 2018 Friday
Purnima Tithi Begins - 23:16 on 26th July 2018
Purnima Tithi Ends -  01:50 on 28th July 2018

Guru Pujan Time , Shubh Muhurt 27th July 2018 Friday

6:00 AM to 11:30 AM (IST)
1:00 AM to 2:30 PM (IST)
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM(IST)
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